Sunday, August 31, 2008

Two Years in the Making!!!

All great dogs have a wide repertoire of tricks and rolling over is always one of them. For me, this has been a very tough trick to learn but Gerrit and Heidi never gave up on me. Thanks to their dedication, patience, delicious motivation, and sometimes even example--I can. . .ROLL OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I was so pumped up to finally get this trick right because I spent a couple of days with Heidi's awesome brother Luke James. He stopped to visit us on his way to college at Montana State. I even got to go for a ride in his BRONCO.

Maybe, I finally mastered the skill because Heidi and Gerrit have started back at school. On a Friday afternoon when they were putting their best face forward for me, I put my best trick forward for them.

This is where Heidi has been spending most of her time. Gerrit is always zooming around between classes at the U, drawing blood at the hospital, restocking the oxygen tanks and taking care of Heidi and I. (we haven't got a good picture of him in action yet)So even though I might be considered an older dog now (2+ years), I'm proof that it's never too late to learn new tricks. I might start training for the Olympic doggy paddle next.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

tomatoes and sunflowers

A summer full of watering, weeding, and cat chasing is starting to pay off. We've got lots of sunflowers and tomatoes to show for it.

I just love to sit out here and get my feet dirty (sometimes more).

Back here is where I do my best cat chasing. Those cats run in fear when they see my massive body tumbling after them. I wonder why they keep coming back?

Of course lots of tomatoes means lots of delicious fresh food.
I'd love to get my chompers on that. . . .ummmmm.

Here's to a great summer and lots of BLTs, fresh tomato soup, awesome sandwiches, and maybe even some canning.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

lucky dogs

Life jackets, sunscreen, towels, water bottles . . . while Gerrit and Heidi were loading up the car I could hardly contain myself. I just knew it was going to be a dream day. It was all shaping up for me until I was watching them drive away. They were the lucky dogs. . .not me this time.

It was the Pulmonary Lab (that's where Gerrit works) day at the lake. They had all sorts of fun on the boat and being with friends.

This was a new toy that Gerrit tried. He said it was like doing a slow motion jump. It was pretty fun but it made his upper body soooooo sore.

Heidi had fun on the wake board for a little while.Gerrit makes wake boarding look so easy.The boys young and old tried to conquer the water weenie. Lucky dogs!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

all over the place

It has been a very busy week for all of us here on Ouray Avenue. It started frantically on Wednesday when Gerrit was driving all over our neighborhood trying to do all that last minute stuff before the boys left for camp.

Heidi was also preparing her last minute stuff to get her girls ready to go to camp.

Finally, Heidi and the girls were on their way up to Bear Lake. Me and the boys were waiting in the church parking lot to head off to Schofield Reservoir.

Heidi was headed off to a beautiful cabin right on the lake. The boys and I were headed to real camping. I had a great time swimming the entire day. I'm still recuperating from all the swimming I did.

Gerrit and I left camp early because Gerrit had a plane to catch to New York City to see the Radiohead concert. Here is the beautifully green Central Park. I would love to chase a tennis ball there.

After he left, Heidi came home a few hours later in lala land about how well girls' camp went.

This week we'll try to catch our breath before Heidi goes back to school next week.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Breaking News

Gerrit has been growing and growing and growing a very burly beard. I know it best as a food trap. This food trap has some positives and some negatives. The obvious positive is that I get to taste some good leftovers. The negative is that licking Gerrit has been a little rough and uncomfortable.
So he took the razor and started shaving the hair away. Heidi and I both hoped that he wouldn't stop here. . .and he didn't.
Tadaaaaaaa. . .lookin' good G-ride!