Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Month Later

March 26th to April 26th

It's hard to believe that it has already been one month!

We love Ginny so much! Everyday Heidi and Gerrit learn something new: from swaddling to the art of using the nose sucker, doing things with one hand, to bouncing and swaying while singing every song they've ever heard and making new ones up along the way. It has been a fun month and their parenting skills are improving with every diaper they change. (which is a lot)

Ginny loves lots of things.

She loves posing in her sleep (when she isn't swaddled).

She loves listening and dancing to music (especially songs on the Music Together CD from her Aunt Meika).

She loves being outside and going for walks (a big bonus for me).

She loves cuddling with her Daddy.

She loves having lots of people come to visit her.

She loves to stare and study the world around her. Her eyesight is getting better everyday. She follows me with her eyes when I walk by.

She loves stretching abd being on the move.

She loves rocking.Keep up the great growing and learning baby Ginny!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Missing Person

I've been looking for some days now and I still can't find Luke.

He was last seen doing things like holding Ginny

helping Heidi
snowboarding and other fun stuff with Gerrit.It's different here without him. What used do be his room is no longer boys only.When I get kicked off Gerrit and Heidi's bed he's not there to take me in. I know that Ginny's bed is full. (The ladybug and horse beat me to it.)
The good news is that he left some tennis balls. So he's gotta be back sometime.

I just hope that he gets here in time for dinner.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Special Delivery

Heidi wanted two things for her birthday:
#1 A running stroller
#2 Not a double birthday--(good job Ginny!)

Getting a stroller was a lot harder than Heidi or Gerrit anticipated. Gerrit did a lot of research trying to find a stroller that was compatible with Ginny's car seat.

After waiting and wishing

the UPS delivery truck finally pulled up to our door!It was way more exciting than our visits from the mailman.

Luke put that stroller together in no time.It takes a lot longer to get Ginny ready for a walk than it does me--but she was finally bundled up and ready.
It was great! Ginny slept through the whole thing except for the beginning and the end--but I know she loved it.

Now we are just waiting for some sunshine so that we can go on more walks.

Bring on the SUNSHINE!