Saturday, December 26, 2009

Play by Play


Ginny started unwrapping (a.k.a. eating) the presents even before they got under the tree! Heidi and Gerrit would never let me get away with such behavior.

The Christmas plates for the neighbors and family were completed and delivered.

We didn't see Santa but we did see some reindeer. (I tried to follow them to Santa's sleigh but they took off flying.)

They lit the tree on fire!


Ginny discovered a magical jungle gym left by Santa.

Satchmo and I did our best to get along and be on our best behavior.
I was glad that Heidi put bows and ribbons on Ginny instead of me.

It was obvious that Ginny has been a verrrrryyyyy good girl. She had lots of presents to unwrap.
Family ties were strengthened.

Gerrit will never be cold again.The Boogerts have lots of new games to learn and play.Ginny and I have some new friends to entertain.We will all try to catch up on some sleep.Merry Christmas!!!!!

9 Months

Sandra Boynton's words capture it the best;

"Ohhh snuggle puppy of mine. Everything about you is especially fine! I love what you are, I love what you do. Fuzzy little snuggle puppy I love you!"
"Ohhh snuggle puppy of mine. Everything about you is especially fine! I love what you are, I love what you do. Fuzzy little snuggle puppy I love you!"

Monday, December 21, 2009


The Christmas Spirit has been unleashed at our house!!!

We've decorated and trimmed the tree.

We've been to Temple Square to see the lights

and hear beautiful singing and playing by Grams, Meika, Jason, and Bryn.

Ginny's begun to experience how fun it is to wrap presents.

Santa's hat has been tried on and tested for resistance.

Heidi's gone cookie crazy.

Heidi's students started it all off when they made gingerbread cookies at school.

Heidi and Ginny went to school to deliver them after they were baked at home.
Dear Santa,

I've tried my doggiest to be a very good dog. I've kept Ginny's high chair and surrounding area in top notch condition. I've tried not to be too eager to do so. I've answered every call from Heidi and Gerrit when there was a spill. I've jumped out of bed with every Cheerio that I hear fall.

I've kept the bed warm, even though, I've often kept too much of it warm and lost my welcome there. If Heidi gets up to take care of Ginny in the night I give her spot in bed right back to her with only a little growl.

I've alerted the house of approaching mail people with my best barking. . .yes even during Ginny's naps.

I give Heidi my best puppy dog eyes everyday to make sure we go on a walk and get our exercise. I've done my best to stay in step on walks and not pull the leash. I've fetched the ball even when it was covered in snow.

I've let Ginny climb all over me and pull my fur, tail, and ears.

I try to avoid all the mud piles so that I don't track my footprints all over the house. When my feet are muddy I wait very patiently by the door until someone comes to clean my feet.

I just hope that I'm on the nice list.


P.S. I do have a confession. I was on the couch when Heidi and Ginny went shopping today.

Monday, December 14, 2009

When Granny Comes to Town

She brings fun gifts.

She's lots of fun to play with.

She's up for adventures.

She holds down the fort so that Heidi and Gerrit can have fun. (Like when they witnessed the Jazz beat the Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Come back soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the river and through the woods. . .

On Sunday Gerrit braved the snowy weather and roads to get to Grandpa and Grandma's house. It was kind-of like a trip to the North Pole.

There were toys galore,
Christmas decorations everywhere,
games to play,
and lots of snow.