Saturday, December 31, 2011

Birthday Treats 2011

White chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies:

Fudge Puddles:Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies
Monster CookiesS'mores Bars
Chocolate Banana CakeHappy Birthday Bus Cake
Cookies and Cream CakeBrownie Cookie CollisionCinnamon Almonds
Peanut Butter Cream Cookies
Mystery Ingredient BrowniesSopapilla Cheesecake PieFudgeYummy Granola TreatsPeanut Butter Play DoughPecan TassiesAlmond Cherry Snack Cake
Apple Snack Cake

Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treats
Chocolate Covered Roasted Almonds
Pumpkin Snickerdoodles
Coconut Tres Leches Cupcakes with Dulce de Leche frostingApple Cinnamon RollsMint Chocolate Chip Cookies
Butterscotch Pecan Sandies

Cousin Time

Ginny has loved EVERY second(well some seconds were not the happiest and required a referee) with her cousins Clara and Clover during this Christmas season. Saying goodbye was never easy for her.

Christmas Creations

Christmas is a DELICIOUS time of year. I know because I help to clean up the floor. . .

It started with gingerbread houses. . .Our gingerbread house did not last long before it collapsed. Maybe we'll have a stronger foundation next year.
Then we moved on to Oma's house for cake balls and chocolate covered pretzels.The party continued at our house with gingerbread cookiesand more.We made gingerbread cookies last night and some this morning. There is still some dough in the fridge. YUM!

Hit and RUN!

This is not your typical hit and run tale. I'm lucky (and so is my family) to be here and retell this traumatic event.

On Saturday morning, I was doing something naughty. I was eating the neighbor's cat food across the street. Heidi saw me, and called for me to return home. I perked up and started running. Right after Heidi called my name, she heard the car (SUV) rumbling down the street. She knew the worst would happen and it did. The car hit me, Heidi saw me fly and heard my yelp. The car stopped. Heidi ran to get a robe.

When Heidi came running outside the car was turning onto the next street and I was nowhere to be seen. Panicked, she checked under cars and in neighbors' yards. She expected to see me bloody, broken, bruised and barely alive, if at all.

Not being able to find me was the worst. She walked up and down the streets wondering where I could be. She assumed, the car that hit me had taken me. (Maybe to dispose of me in the garbage. . .)

Gerrit got the text message while he was taking care of a patient in the back of an ambulance.

Soon a few neighbors were helping Heidi look for me. Ginny and Heidi drove around and around trying to find my injured body so they could help me and have some closure.

One of the neighbor's asked Heidi if she was going into labor. . .she must have been really out of her wits.

Gerrit finished up his call and was now looking for me too (about an hour and a half later).

The good news is. . .he found me!!! I was about three blocks from home sniffing around. (I was pretty confused) When I saw the car and heard Gerrit's voice I came running.

It's a miracle!!

When the car hit me, I must have gotten up and started running. My fight or flight kicked in. Luckily, I'm safe at home and all the tears being shed are happy and grateful.

It's clear that my family wouldn't know what to do without me. I feel very loved and they feel very lucky!

Maybe it's a Christmas Miracle, maybe that cat food that I've been sneaking gave me some extra lives, but probably Someone knows how much I'm needed.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


At our house we are THANKFUL for our Sunshine! Heidi took this video early in September.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Fun

Carving pumpkins was DElicious!
This Bumblebee knew how to fly from house to house. She held my leash between each house and then traded for her pumpkin.
At one house they told Ginny to take a piece for her mom and her dad. At the next house she said, "and I need one for my Daddy."