Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Youth Conference

I loved the beginning of Youth Conference--because I got to go. We all split up and went to different houses in our neighborhood to do some service. Our group went to a house with lots of sticks. While most people were chopping up trees and stuffing the smaller pieces into multiple garbage cans, I was entertaining the kids who didn't feel like getting their hands dirty. It was great fun. After we got the yard cleaned up , everyone loaded into cars and I had to watch from the window.

They were on their way up to Brighton Camp at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. The youth and leaders did lots of neat things on the ropes course up there.

Heidi trusted the youth to catch her in the free fall.
Gerrit was the first to successfully walk the tight wire.Heidi learned his technique and was also successful.They also spent time cheering the kids on, trying to help them behave, and capture them doing amazing things.
A highLIGHT of the conference was the sunrise hike. It started at 5 AM underneath the moon. As the sun got closer to rising the clouds turned amazing shades of pink.
It was brilliant.On the way back to camp they saw countless wildflowers in grassy meadows.
Heidi and her mom found out that the early bird catches the most amazing views.After a great time in the mountains the trip was sealed as they drove out of the camp and saw a great big moose.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Too Much

It all started when one of my favorite people was knocking on the door. I couldn't wait for Heidi to open the door so that her dad could play with me. After a little while they left and came back smelling like dust, hamburgers, and Grandpa and Grandma's house.

This is a big truck from the Kennecott Mine (the reason for the dust).
This is the Burger Bar in Roy. This joint was featured on a cable show that Heidi's dad saw. They must have enjoyed a delicious and juicy burger. (the reason for the above average burger smell).Soon Heidi's mom was walking through the door and the next day we were loaded up in the Red Rocket and starting an adventure that included me. It was very comfortable.

After an extended nap and a few chances to stretch my legs. . .
. . . we were at our campground in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My favorite part was the river right next to our tent. The Snake River had a strong current. Getting the stick was easy. . .getting out was tricky.

Heidi's parents, Uncle Danna, Suzette, and Aunt Diana were staying in a RV trailer just a short distance away. We spent some quality time eating. I had my regular grub and everyone else had food that made my nose twitch and my mouth water.After a few more swims we were in the Red Rocket on our way to see the sights of Yellowstone. We saw many beautiful things. The photo opportunities were endless.We waited for Old Faithful. . .. . .it was worth the wait!

It was a really great trip. I'm so glad that Heidi's parents came to visit so that we could have a Wyoming adventure.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not Much

A teacher's job is never done. There are many ways that Heidi could fill endless hours with the hopes of improving her practice. She usually does a pretty good job keeping busy. Mr. Don--the custodian of North Star is not surprised to see her working on a lovely summer day (sometimes I get to go). Her principal is a big fan of me.

Last Friday with a list of things to do--she just didn't want to do any of them. So we spent some quality time filling time. Gerrit was golfing (his best game ever) so it was just the two of us.

If you're interested take a look at some of my spectacular tricks. She finally got them on camera. We're working on more--these are just the basics. Maybe someday I'll get to try out for the new TV show about the World's Greatest Dog. I'll probably have to at least master the dreaded "roll over". I don't think I would even do that for a whole hot dog.





Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dog Lake

We finally made the hike to Dog Lake. Heidi has known about it for a while and we finally went. It was a great day for hiking. There were still some bluebells, Columbine, little purple flowers, and a bit of Indian Paintbrush around. The clouds were big and puffy against a bright blue sky.

Dog Lake was somehow surprisingly full of dogs. When Gerrit and Heidi threw a stick for me, I was suddenly racing two other dogs to get the stick. Another dog beat me to the stick. Just for the record--I was never beaten again. Gerrit got so hot and sweaty on the way up that he planned to go swimming when we got to the top. There was someone who just gone swimming and was pulling leeches off his body. Gerrit didn't go, but the leeches didn't stop me. One good reason to be covered in tons of fur. Heidi put her feet in (in honor of her mom).
I got a lot of swimming in. The picture below is not digitally reformatted. I was swimming out for a ball. On my way in someone threw a stick for their dog. I thought, "I might as well get this too while I'm out here." Sometimes it's nice to have a big mouth.
It's days like these when you hope that the summer will never end.