Monday, October 26, 2009

7 months

At 7 months Ginny has some definite goals.

She wants to stand. She's always looking for something to push or pull up on. Even me--and I'm not the most reliable when it comes to staying still. This determination is especially troublesome in the bathtub and on stroller rides.

She wants to taste everything. She finds a way to get a few blades of grass or leaves in her mouth each time we are outside.

She wants to tell the world what she thinks of it. It's fun to be in a pretty quiet place and hear Ginny fill the air with her sounds of joy.

She wants to feed herself. Sometimes it takes 3 spoons a meal. One in each of Ginny's hands and one in the feeder's hands. The spoons are constantly rotating.

It's pretty awesome being such good friends with 7 month old Ginny.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

From Alabama to Wyoming!!

Last August 2008 while at Yellowstone Gerrit and Heidi began the license plate game. You play by finding in alphabetical order the states on license plates. As they were driving out of the Lake Powell parking lot they saw the last one they needed: Wyoming!

With each state came new challenges, joys, and excitement. I remember driving around the whole Old Faithful parking lot just to find an Alaska. We finally found it at the very end. On our way home from visiting Luke in Montana we had been searching for an Iowa. We saw a Kansas and then a few miles down the road we saw the Iowa. We pulled off the freeway hoping to the let the Kansas pass so that we could pass it again. Our tricky trick worked!

Our patience was tested. It took forever to find a Georgia. Sometimes we were lucky. Just a few days after the Georgia, Heidi was right behind a Hawaii. Sometimes we had to travel great distances. Gerrit saw the Delaware we needed on his trip to New York to see Radiohead in concert. On our last trip to Maryland we looked all day for a Rhode Island while in D.C. We saw it on our way out of the city.

They prepared. Gerrit and Heidi would look on the internet to see the possibilities of the next plate they were on. They plotted and schemed. They would keep in mind where they had seen different plates that were further along in the alphabet. One time they went for a drive just to see if they could find a particular plate. They ended up driving down a twisty private parking garage to find a gated entrance. With no room to turn around they had to back out of it. (Heidi was driving which made it all the more thrilling.)

Driving wasn't just driving--it was noticing every plate on the road. They got good at spotting old favorites from far away. Of all the states it seems like Montana has the most varied license plate designs. It was semi consuming and at times did not lend itself to the most safe driving practices.

One year and a few short months later they came out as champions!!!! They have already commented how it feels weird to be on the road and not have a license plate that they are looking for.

Congratulations Heidi and Gerrit!! You rock at the license plate game!! Your teamwork, collaboration, and enthusiasm sure paid off!

If you're interested in having some fun here is a website to get you started.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Didn't they know?

Didn't Gerrit and Heidi know that at Lake Powell I would want to be a part of everything? They thought that I would be happy sitting on the beach and swimming in the water.
That was fun! However it was hard not to be a part of everything. There was. . .


Ginny playing in the sand,

and the water,

driving the big house boat with Captain Kent,

seeing beautiful birds,
After all the whining and whimpering that I did because I was missing out on some of the stuff, I'm glad to know Ginny and Gerrit still love me. I guess with me; it's all or nothing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wild Competition

In honor of Clara and Clover's 2nd birthday the Boogerts met at the zoo. There are some pretty wild, crazy, and amazing animals there!But when it comes to having Ginny's heart. . .I win tails down. Who else would let her play with his tail and use him as a jungle gym?

Friday, October 2, 2009

The stats are in!

On Friday Ginny went to visit Dr. Lam. Since the first day she was born he said that she was "solid". At 6 months she is still solid!! He was impressed that he could feel her leg muscles and she was talking so loud at times it was hard to hear what Dr. Lam was saying. I guess she was excited to see him again.

Weight: 14 pounds and 15 ounces
Height: 25 inches
Head Circumference: 16.26 inches