Friday, March 26, 2010

Party TIME!

We've been celebrating for a week. Last Friday we had a party to kick off the week of birthdays Heidi and Ginny's.
Today was the official first birthday party. Boy was it delicious and fun!!

Ginny did great with the candle. We all gave her the support she needed. Gerrit blew out the candle but Ginny did give a few puffs.

I'll do anything for a taste of cake."Ginny will you share with me?""Wow, thanks!""I'm ready!"
"So close!"
Ginny knows how to enjoy a piece of cake. She put on quite the whip cream show.Ginny has lots of fun new toys to play with.We hope that everyone comes back again really soon! It was so fun!

12 months

Our Ginny girl is ONE already! One year ago today she caught us by surprise. Each day has brought more surprises as Ginny learns and grows. I'm the luckiest one because I get to see it all.

There is a magnetic pull pulling Ginny to the backyard.

She loves to share with me and my furry friends. We gladly accept any offering.

I'll never go thirsty again. Ginny is always making sure that I have water in my bowl. (The truth is that I'm thirsty a lot because Gerrit and Heidi have to put my water bowl away sometimes for their sanity. You can only mop up the floor and change Ginny's clothes so many times a day.)

She is really into tasting everything from dirt, to soap, and lotion.

Her steps are still wobbly, but she gives out the cutest laugh as she goes.

For the most part life is good and we can always find something to smile about.Happy Birthday GINNY!
What would I do without you?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We hope to get lucky with more warm days, fun friends, and better hair days.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rainy Days

When it's raining and pouring life does not have to get boring.

You can still get wet inside by playing in my water bowl. (The water is tinted because Ginny mixed some maple syrup flavoring in it for my enjoyment. Heid dumped it out before I had the chance to enjoy.)

You can look under the couches and corners to find all of my inside and outside balls.

You can go crazy chasing them all.

You can become part of the toy drawer.

You can play a tune on the piano.

You can still go for a walk. . .kind of.We've been having typical early spring weather in Utah. It consists of rain, snow, sunshine, cold and warm temperatures. . .sometimes all in the same day. Last week we had a little snow storm in the morning with beautiful blue skies in the afternoon. It was perfect for making and eating a snowman.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

11 Months

Is seems like Ginny is becoming less of a baby at an astronomical pace.

She's going places where no one has gone before

She's making friends.

She's hanging out with the big boys.

She's taking care of the most important things
She's traveling like she's always been a fan of her car seat.

We're enjoying every minute.