Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best Feet Forward

It was so fun to have Luke here this past week!!! Everyone put their best foot forward while he was here.

The Jazz continued their winning streak all week. Heidi and Luke saw first hand their exciting win against the Suns.

There was some fresh snow on the mountains for Luke and Gerrit to put their best feet forward.
The animals at the zoo put their best feet forward despite the wintry day.
It was easy to put our best feet forward at Grandpa and Grandma's house for their specialty: waffles and ice cream. Luke did the unthinkable as he smoked everyone in a game of Mormon Bridge.
Heidi put her best foot forward in the kitchen. I don't think that she's ever made so many delicious meals in one week. She knows that she did a good job because Luke (Mr. Muscle Man Metabolism) was worried about caloric intake towards the end of the week.

Ginny put her best foot forward as she took her FIRST unassisted STEPS !!!! (yet to be caught on camera)
It was sooooo fun to have Luke here! He sure does leave big shoes to fill.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten months!

Ginny is measuring up to be the love of our lives and much more!
She's measuring up to be pretty fruity. She loves to eat it in big pieces and use her two sharp teeth to piece away at it.
She's measuring up to be fishy. If there is water around. . .she'll find it. (From the toilet bowl to my water bowl.)She's measuring up to be the BEST sharer in the house.She's measuring up to be an ultimate peek-a-boo queen.
She's measuring up to be an avid reader. (A word to the wise. . .if you let her borrow a book. . .you might get it back with her favorite pages torn out.)
She's measuring up to be more happiness and joy than ever imaginable.

Monday, January 18, 2010

All on a MLK Day

The best part about today was that we saw blue skies and white clouds with a yellow sun. The smog finally cleared up!!

Ginny had her first tastes of hot chocolate. She made a mmmm mmm mmmm sound after each taste until she got some more.
Heidi and Ginny visited Gerrit, who was working from sun up to sun down, at work to have lunch.
We even took the stroller out for a spin.

Gerrit, Heidi, and Ginny met up with the Boogert's at a yummy and cheap Mexican Restaurant for dinner. The Boogert's continued games late into the night and Heidi and Ginny came home to be with me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"What's up dog?" you might ask.

Well nothing too exciting.

Gerrit is officially a certified EMT! He finished the class with an A- and passed both the Certification tests! AWEsome!!!!!!!!!
He just started the Paramedic class. He sure has a big book to tote around. His goal is to get 45 A credits which will make him an irresistible candidate for PA schools.

Heidi is back at school with her kids (all 70+ of them). She's hoping that she's making a difference in their education. She wonders how the house gets so dirty so quickly and loves 3 day weekends to get her life back in order again!

Ginny is all over the place! She loves to eat. Lots of people comment on her orangish skin. People will say stuff like, "it looks like she just got out of the tanning bed." A few have even worried that she might have jaundice. Thanks to Dr. Lam now we know that her orange glow is because she eats her veggies. We are anxiously awaiting her first step.

I'm just doing the best I can to dominate the bed both day and night. I love walks and playing tug of war with Ginny. I'm always grateful when it's a sock we're playing with and not my tail or ear.