Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Five Months

The Official Report

Heidi has started work again but doesn't have any students to give assignments to yet. So she assigned me to write about Ginny as a five month old. She said "just use the w words to help you with your report." I'm not sure which w words she meant but I think these will do.

Watch Out: If Ginny gets anywhere near your hair she will grab it. Good luck getting it back.

Wet: If you give Ginny a bath you will definitely get wet from all the splashing and kicking that she does.

Wild: Ginny goes wild when I'm fetching balls, jumping for sticks, or rough housing with other dogs.

Wondering: Ginny is finding her voice. I wonder what she means with all those ooohhhhs and ahhhhs.

Weaning: Ginny has started eating rice cereal! YYUUMMMMM.

West: Heidi drives west Monday through Thursday to go to school and Gerrit is the stay at home daddy. He loves it and so does Ginny.

Wow: No one at our house can believe how fast the time goes and how much we all love Ginny!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dream Date

I'd been dreaming about going to the Uintas for a while now. We finally went yesterday. As you can tell from these pictures, I'm not the only one who had fun.
The water was deep.
The sticks were thrown far (but sometimes not far enough).
The flowers were beautiful.The wind was refreshing.And just so you know. . . Ginny's not the only one who had a great nap on the way home.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Great Example

Ginny's cousin Elena was visiting. "Dog o' Dog" can that girl roll. She set a high precedent for both Ginny and I. Though as we all know, I've been rolling over for seven years now (dog years of course.)
Ginny decided to give it a try herself the night after Elena left and low and behold, she can roll over too!