Friday, November 27, 2009


There are many reasons why our bellies and hearts are full this Thanksgiving season.

Ginny is thankful for my tail and the pony rides.

Gerrit is thankful to be a daddy.

Heidi is thankful to be a mommy.
Ginny and I are both thankful for balls.

I'm thankful when someone throws the ball for me.
We are all thankful for Ginny's big smiles.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Eight Months

There are lots of reasons why eight rhymes with GREAT!!

For Ginny eight it is great because. . . .

There are so many other fun things to do besides napping.

You can blow raspberries in church and no one thinks you're rude.

Someone is always there to help you when you get stuck in tricky situations.

You can be comfortable anywhere.

Everyone wants your slobbery kisses.

Cell phones are fun and delicious.

You can really move.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dream Job

Gerrit went pheasant hunting and now I know what my dream job is. . . I want to be the dog that catches the scent and retrieves the birds.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Scary Halloween!!

It was scary because of. . .

. . .how much orange spit up came out of Ginny and onto her cute bunny costume made by Granny Annie.
. . . how quickly I ate the bone that was suppose to help calm my nerves while the trick or treaters came.

. . .how many times Ginny woke up crying that night.

. . .how little sleep Heidi and Gerrit got.

. . . how many trick or treaters still knocked even though all the lights were out at our house.

. . .how much candy there is left because Heidi was taking care of sick and (teething?) Ginny and couldn't answer the door.

. . .how long Gerrit's beard got before Halloween.

. . .how Amish he looked with just a few strokes of the razor.

. . .how easy it was to spend money on a costume that Ginny didn't even wear except for the following picture. (We bought it before we knew Granny Annie was making one for Ginny. Heidi feels bad to take it back after Halloween and didn't get to it before.)

. . .how my wild animal instincts came out when I saw Ginny as a bunny. (I've always wanted to catch one.)
. . .how close my dream of catching a bunny came.Is Halloween always this scary?