Tuesday, December 30, 2008

wet paint

Gerrit and his dad have been busy. . .along with Gerrit's mom, Meika, Heather, Bryn and Heidi!! It's hard to take a nap around here with so many strong odors, moved furniture, and wet paint to get my fur in.

The results are amazing! Heidi loves it so much she is considering getting rid of the furniture so that it doesn't block the beautiful paint job.

Check out the finishing paint on our nearly finished house:

This picture also features our newly stained beam. With a little molding on top and it will be all done!!

This is Heidi's favorite painted piece.

Gerrit loves the way our big window looks. I'll have to be more careful not to slobber when I look out the window now that it's painted so nice.

So come on over and see it for yourself. There's lots of room to play especially with the furniture gone!

Just give us some time to recuperate first.


We've been enjoying holiday traditions. Most of these are Boogert traditions since Heidi and Gerrit decided to stay in Utah. Maybe Heidi's mothering instinct is kicking in a little too strong and she just couldn't bear the thought of leaving me.

Making yummy treats and delivering them. . . .
Lighting the tree on fire and singing favorite Christmas songs 'til late into the night.

Hanging our Christmas stockings knit by Grandma Boogert.

Lining up by age on the stairs before coming down to see the Christmas tree.
I'm hiding in the back. Stairs are not my favorite. I'll go up or down but standing in the middle is just too risky.
Giving meaningful gifts. . .

Rocking out on Christmas day is a new tradition.

I hope that this isn't a new tradition. . . .
I wouldn't mind a snow jumping contest every year though.
Merry Christmas to everyone !!!! (even the cats)

Monday, December 22, 2008

gingerbread mania

Check out these delicious creations Heidi's class made on the last day before winter break:

There was plenty of sugar going around creating much of the mania!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

let . . .

Let it snow. . .

Let it glow. . .

Let her grow. . .

Let finals flow. . .

Let it snow, snow, SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Here are 28 reasons why I love Gerrit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. He gives the BEST ear scratches in the world.

2. He knows how to cuddle.

3. He can throw sticks and balls farther than anyone.

4. He lets me go with him to visit his parents and grandparents.

5. He takes great care of my number one and soon to be number two girls.

6. He hasn't given up on teaching me the "SPEAK" trick.

7. Together we make a great cat chaser team.

8. Did I mention the way he scratches my ears?????

9. He keeps my eyes free of eye junk.

10. He cleans off my paws when my feet are muddy.

11. He eats really good food that smells incredible. . .

12. . . .sometimes he drops that food. . .

13. . .or lets me lick it off his clothes if it spills.

14. He gives me the steak bones to his steaks.

15. He knows how to play rough.

16. He teases me. . .but I love the attention.

17. He knows how to make me smile.

18. He wears my dog hair with pride.

19. He lets me outside and back inside during the middle of the night.

20. He takes me on scout camping trips.

21. He's got a great strategy to find out how much I weigh.

22. He thinks I'm one lean machine.

23. I love the way he smells.

24. He will occasionally let me lick his feet.

25. He takes me to visit Heidi and her class at school.

26. He doesn't mind being the squished middle man when we sleep.

27. He gives me a heads up when the mailman is approaching our territory.

28. He's the best buddy alpha dog in the world.