Friday, January 27, 2012

Dream Team

2 teachers

one 3rd grade class

2 weeks apartJust a coincidence!

Friday, January 20, 2012

"There's a Mouse About the House"

Ginny was talking to her daddy on the phone as he was driving home from work. Heidi heard Ginny say in the calmest sweetest voice, "Daddy, there's a mouse about the house." This is the title of a frequently read story. When Heidi heard Ginny say it again, she went to check out the situation. Sure enough, there really was a mouse about the house!!!! Heidi screamed. . . Ginny screamed. . .Heidi calmed down. . .Ginny calmed down. . .They admired how cute the little mouse was until the hero of the story got home. . .Gerrit. He removed the mouse and put it in a better place. Now the moral of the story is. . .don't eat crackers in your room! Too bad we didn't learn that from our story.

Special Treatment

Ginny is a lucky girl! She's been getting to go to North Star a lot with her mommy. The kids there LOVE her. She fits right in. Today it was even warm enough to play outside.I wish I could go. (The new principal made a no dogs allowed rule.) I'll have to wait for the spring. . .