Friday, July 22, 2011

Wilderness Girls and ME!

These girls took me on a 6 mile hike that took over 5 hours. We had a nice swimming break in the middle.

I love my wilderness girls!

Fort Robinson

Grandpa and Grannie Annie chauffeured Heidi and Ginny through Utah and Wyoming to the edge of Nebraska where Fort Robinson is. This is where Heidi's dad spent 10 of his growing up years.

Fort Robinson is full of



beautiful places to have adventures

and stories to tell!

Ginny loved being with

tent sleeping arrangements
Grannie Annie


Stetson and the other Rothlisbergers!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Have you seen my chickens?

Our chickens think that their coop is our house. If they're missing I know where to find them.
We should call them Minerva Louise.

Big Trouble

I ate something like over a dozen cookies and twenty hamburger buns while the family was gone.
When Gerrit got home he was not a happy camper. He tied me to a rope in the backyard. I howled and cried. Gerrit just wanted to teach me a lesson that I wouldn't forget.

When Ginny got home she insisted that my time out was over. Gerrit said it wasn't. Ginny sat with me so that I wouldn't be sad.
Next time, just put us in the chicken coop.