Saturday, November 29, 2008

i'm grateful for. . .

big sticks to chew

and chase

the Jordan River Trail

ducks to swim with


friends to play with

being the leave raking supervisor (not raker)

baths so that I can. . .

dominate the bed

food to eat

even better food to smell

the ball that Gerrit caught for me at the Jazz game

someone who will throw the ball for me

signs that a new friend is on the way


Saturday, November 8, 2008

The 3rd graders were right!

A couple weeks ago when Heidi was in the cafeteria with her class--a very loud student from her class the previous year came up and said, "ARE YOU PREGNANT?" Loud enough for the whole world to hear. Heidi not wanting the entire world--nonetheless her to be the first student said, "hmm maybe."

After school another student from her class last year came in to her classroom and said, "I have one question--"Are you married." After receiving an affirmative answer said, "well are you having a baby?"

Heidi said, "Why would you think that?"
"Well Pona and Kidus" just think that you are." (Pona and Kidus were also in her class last year.)

I'm not even sure what a baby is. I just know that you say it in a high excited voice and I know that it has

a behind,a face:

And I know that it's going to be a girl!!!
(Maybe Ginny, Tabea, Hannah, Annie, Bella, Annabell, Julianne, or who knows?)

I'm not sure how the 3rd graders knew but Heidi's had this baby thing going on for 19 weeks. I'll get to meet her in April. Until then I'll just have to pretend like I know what's going on when everyone gets so excited.

So if you're ever wondering--just ask a third grader. They seem to have a sense about these things.