Monday, September 22, 2008

my favorites

Second grade has been in session for 19 days. Although Heidi wouldn't admit to any favorites--there are some that I would like to claim. (Please note that the names have been altered.)

Let's start with Patrick. He sits in the back row when everyone is on the floor. The other day, to Heidi's surprise he was turned around and licking a silver leg to one of the desks. Now that boy knows how to sniff out a flavor and go for it.

This same Patrick also caught a fly that had been buzzing around the room. It was distracting everyone. After a little time--Patrick raised his hand with a triumphant look. "Yes Patrick," Mrs. Boogert said. "I caught the fly!!!!". Everyone cheers!! He was the hero for the day. Well done!

Onto another favorite--Mike. Sometimes Heidi uses scented white board markers. Whenever she does--she constantly finds Mike out of his seat or center with his nose glued to the white boards taking in huge breaths. I know how it is Mike--those scents just call out your name.

The last is anonymous, but this kid packs a punch (the SBD kind). It will be a great and normal day when suddenly everyone is taking cover for fresh air. Way to go--that will get them every time!!

So these are my favorites so far.