Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Tale in Reverse

This is me soaking the tub.
Due to the fact that I got sprayed by a SKUNK!!!!

Since I put my nose where I shouldn't have while Gerrit and I were walking in the woods late one night.
Unfortunately because Gerrit couldn't fall asleep in the tent
after we had backpacked in to Ruth Lake.
Upon Heidi 's request to see some wildflowers
my unsatiated need to swim

Ginny's delight for tents
and the chance for some good ol' fashion family bonding time. . .
even if I did smell like a skunk.


Apricots Equal

Key Components

For a fun Lake Powell Trip you need:

. . .a great place to stay if you're not invited.
. . .a little piece of dry land to call your own.

. . .two grandmas.. . .Captain Kent.

. . .sand.. . .some rough water.. . .and smooth water.

. . .games.. . .a place to nap.
. . . night swimming.. . .a little fish.
. . .and of course. . .