Saturday, August 27, 2011

Carnival Splendor

It was the kind of vacation that makes you forget what real life is like. I know because it took them a while come pick me up.

They were in Cabo for two days: para sailing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, eating the fish they caught, swimming, and shopping.The first day in Cabo must have been a little rocky for Ginny-she insisted on wearing her life jacket everywhere the second day.After that, was Puerto Vararta. Jose drove them around in a 12 passenger van all day. They went to the top of the mountain for zip lining and Dune Bugging, through the markets, and to the beach.Being on the boat was fulfilling. Besides food, food, and more food they played plenty of games, karaoke, and swimming.Gerrit and Heidi brushed up on their Amazing Race skills getting between their LAX flights and the port in Long Beach. Their adventures included many, many bus and train rides, as well as carrying all their luggage with them (-1 big suitcase on the way back). Some of their Road Blocks included eating a hot dog at an Angel's game and shopping for warmer clothes at an Old Navy. Gerrit and his fancy phone made a great navigational system.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Lake Powell

18 bodacious BOOGERTS bonding on the boat.

Bounding off the top.Boarding.

Beating the heat.
Beautifying.Barely catching any fish.
Blissfully being.
Being taught by the captain himself.Banking at the beach.
Biffing it.
Braving it

Breathtakingly performing the Noodle Dance.